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BP Systems Ltd is one of the leading names in SCADA system suppliers, with a sterling reputation that gets better with each client we service.

We know that being sharp and up-to-date is essential for any SCADA system installation, and offer our clients the very latest in SCADA technological advances.

Our products and services include 64-bit systems, 2D and 3D visualisations, company-wide alarm systems and event management software, making sure you’re always kept in the loop with a stream of both historical and real-time alarms.

BP Systems Ltd, staffed by truly bespoke SCADA system manufacturers, is also able to provide your business with geographical SCADA technology, giving you reliable real-time information regarding dispersed assets such as power plants, construction facilities, factories, wind turbines, oil fields, and solar farms among other things.

Our SCADA systems include comprehensive drill down capability, letting you view alarms and statuses of your assets with just a few taps of a button.

Using smart phones and tablets, you’ll have immediate access to your company’s performance record at any time you require it.

Depending on the model of device you use, BP Systems Ltd will be able to give you a real-time visualisation, with great push notification and updates regarding security.

You’ll have all the graphs, grids and production trends you could want right in your pocket, all presented in stunning cutting-edge graphics. This fast and reliable SCADA system will allow you to be constantly on top of any issues or inefficiencies which may spring up in your company’s facilities.

Large changes to your business can often be a lot to think about, and we at BP Systems Ltd believe that a truly great SCADA system installation shouldn’t be any more of a burden than it needs to be.

To let you get back to managing your company as soon as possible, we’ll take care of absolutely everything, from the initial schematic drafts all the way to the final assembly of your unique unit. You can rest assured that your system is in good hands, as all of our engineers are highly qualified and experienced, and we have many in-house software developers responsible for our integrated PLC systems.

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