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HMI systems are an integral part of automated industrial operations. They make it easy for people manning operational roles to track and control the various functions in a safe and speedy manner.

Technologically advanced HMI control panels from reputed and reliable HMI control system manufacturers and HMI control system suppliers cater to diverse requirements across a range of industries, and the solutions we offer at BP Systems Ltd are no exception.

HMI control panels are excellent alternatives to manually operated keypad panels, offering a neat visual representation of the automated operations and the various parameters/functions that can be controlled electronically using a touch-sensitive screen.

While there are control panels readily available off-the-shelf, they may need to be customised to suit existing systems.

However, opting for tailor-made HMI control panels ensures that the automation requirements are effectively addressed. Good design with realistic visual depictions and graphics is a key concern.

Usability and navigation are the other major factors that determine the effectiveness of the panel. Logically grouped keys or buttons, colour codes complying with global/regional industry-specific standards ensure the panel is a neatly engineered mix of form and function.

We, at BP Systems Ltd, cater to single compartment control panel requirements of varying volumes. Our clients can rest assured of high-end products and services that conform to prescribed standards.

We are fully equipped to handle all stages of customised HMI control panel installations, right from the initial schematic diagrams and planning to fabrication of the unit and assembly at the client site.

The entire project is carried out by experienced and knowledgeable engineers, when it comes to our industrial control systems.

Our engineers work in close consultation with clients to first understand the systems in place and arrive at the right custom design to achieve the intended functional specifications. Once the designs are vetted by the client, they are fabricated and commissioned after the units are put through rigorous testing.

We are open to both large and small orders and can offer single or multiple quantities of single compartment control panels to suit client specifications, at competitive prices. Call us on 01623 451 012 today and we’ll be happy to assist.

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