Distributed Control Systems

With the continued advances in industrial and computer technology over the years, BP Systems Ltd has remained at the forefront of all aspects of industrial control systems. Our systems, from basic control, to supervisory control and data acquisition, from programmable logic controllers, to distributed control systems, can be seen across a wide range of industry.

With over twenty years’ experience in all fields, we regularly install distributed control systems for such diverse industries as gas and oil refineries, power generation companies, food and drink manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemicals, and paint manufacturers, among many others.

Much of our work involves consulting with old and new clients on improving, updating and expanding original systems. With our years in the industry we regularly have to deal with legacy systems. Re-writing or providing new code capable of operating with old systems where cost makes system replacement unviable. Our fabricators, electrical engineers, and programmers, can seamlessly blend additional distributed controls with those of your original installer, ensuring safe and reliable continuity of operation.

A greater part of our work involves evaluation, design, construction, installation, commissioning and handover of DCS’s from start to finish. A large number of our electrical engineers, software engineers, and programmers are university graduates, with years of experience at the forefront of distributed control system manufacture and installation.

With this wealth of experience, whether the need is to re-programme a few control loops, or design complete new systems from start to finish, it is, as they say, all in a day’s work. Our engineers can offer both the technological and domain expertise to ensure your system is programmed to meet your specific requirements for your particular operation.

As a distributed control system manufacturer; at the forefront of our evaluation process is safe operation of system and personnel safety. With a large number of our systems designed for use in the likes of the oil or petrochemical industries, failure of the system could mean not just down time, but the risk of major incident and loss of life.

With this in mind, all our systems are designed with inbuilt redundancy elements to provide greater reliability and safety factors. Because DCS systems require almost continuous interaction between the human machine interface and plant operator, redundancy elements are a crucial part of distributed control system.

Whatever your requirements, system expansion, upgrade, or a full new system, contact BP Systems Ltd today, and look forward to the best DCS system at the most competitive price.

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