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At BP Systems Ltd, customers benefit from a complete service that handles every aspect of the industrial automation process, from creating schematics and planning to assembling and building machinery. We operate from our base in Nottinghamshire, with the M1 within 5 minutes of our production facility, meaning we can offer an efficient UK service when it comes to industrial automation and control systems.

Having knowledge of every detail that goes into automation is vital, as creating a reliable and safe system requires bringing together many components and technologies that all need to fit together seamlessly, which is something we offer with our services.

With a wealth of experience spanning 20 years, our skills and knowledge in helping setup industrial automation systems for many companies makes us the ideal choice.

Through the years, time spent problem solving and researching solutions has meant we can deal with wide-ranging issues, ultimately providing a trusted and timely service to our customers.

Additionally, our sister company, Basford Plant, specialises in supplying the concrete batching plant industry, widening the scope of our business.

To ensure we offer a flexible and comprehensive service with our bespoke automation machinery, customers can benefit from a variety of advanced control systems, including:

All of these types of distributed controls offer unmatched convenience and safety when wanting to automate important processes. Industrial controls are a vital part of the automation industry, and all the systems mentioned rely on each other to operate seamlessly.

The SCADA system will benefit customers by offering large-scale processing control over wide distances, using a HMI interface to allow ease-of-control and diagnostics.

Customers using a HMI interface linked to a SCADA setup will be able to look over databases, navigate intuitive software programs, diagnose problems through trending, look over schedules and schematics, and much more, ensuring automated systems can be easily managed and operated.

For a bespoke automated service using a company with 20 years of experience in the field of setting up processes, get you automated operation up-and-running in no time with BP Systems Ltd.

We’ve helped customers from a wide range of industries with their industrial automation needs and helped them become more efficient and profitable, call us on 01623 451 012 for a free, no obligation quote on your control system.

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