Control Panels Installed Across Derby

Are you looking to add high quality control panels to your system, perhaps a single control panel, multi-compartment panel, an MCC or PLC? If you are based in Derby, then contact BP Systems and discuss your requirements with a company that has over 20 years’ experience in the field of electric control panels.

It’s no fluke that over the years we have had the pleasure of designing, constructing, and installing control panels for some of the biggest names in UK industry. Our operation is totally ‘under one roof’. From our teams of designers, to our retained software designers and engineers, to our fitters and highly trained electrical engineers; every step in the design/construction process is overseen by a dedicated project manager. And that applies from a single compartment panel to a large multi-compartment project.

To talk of our ‘range’ of products may be something of a misnomer. Every panel we build is unique, a bespoke panel built to meet the requirements of each individual client.

With cabinets built of high quality mild or stainless steel sheet. And electrical engineers with years of experience in the construction of technically advanced industrial control panels. Our products are designed to provide years of trouble free operation, while providing for easy upgrading and system expansion as situations dictate.

Although our panels can be found across a large section of British industry, we also have many years of experience co-operating with our sister company, Basford Plant. Their specialisation in systems for the concrete and aggregate industry has stood us in good stead when designing the heavy duty control panels required by many UK heavy industries.

Single Compartment Control Panels

Floor standing single compartment control panels have become increasingly popular over the years. With everything that can be automated, being automated, it’s little surprise. We can supply a single MCC panel to your voltage specifications, with fire protection and custom settings, wired and ready to go with either bespoke control panel, or programmable controller.

If you’re not sure of what you require, ask us. While we’re here to provide you the best, most cost effective control panel for your specifications, we have many examples where our suggestions have not only provided a more effective control panel, but saved the client money to boot.

We can also supply bulk orders of control panels, please contact the office for further details.

Multi-Compartment Control Panels

From initial in-depth discussions, our design team will begin working on a series of CAD assisted schematic drawings to present to you, our prospective client. Once the final revision has been approved, full working drawings will be provided to our teams of software designers, fitters, and electrical engineers for the construction of your multi-compartment control panels.

Our ability to produce all our products under one roof ensures we have tight quality control over every stage of construction. Meaning you will receive a product synonymous with the high quality expected of BP Systems Ltd.

If you are a Derby based enterprise, contact us on 01623 451 012 to talk about your current control panel shortcomings. One of our knowledgeable company engineers will be pleased to call at your convenience to discuss your requirements, and offer advice on how your current control panels can be updated to improve production efficiency and output.

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